Pantheism, Mysticism, Agnosticism

Chaos and Cosmos

The two people who have had the biggest influence on my spiritual worldview (and worldview in general) have been Robert Anton Wilson and Alan Watts. RAW introduced me to Discordianism (Hail Eris!), model agnosticism, and the occult. Watts introduced me to Tao, Advaita Vedanta, and Zen. The other, more general thing that Alan Watts introduced … Continue reading Chaos and Cosmos

Against Abstraction

“It is the ideal of speculative philosophy that its fundamental notions shall not seem capable of abstraction from each other. In other words, it is presupposed that no entity can be conceived in complete abstraction from the system of the universe…” –A. N. Whitehead, Process and Reality In Western thought we are predisposed to abstraction: … Continue reading Against Abstraction

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